CITRA SHIPYARD operates two sites of shipyards. One with an area of 24 hectare located
in Kampung Becek and another with an area of 42 hectare locate in Kabil. Sites are equipped
with facilities such as workshop building, heavy equipment, specialized ports and dock.


We have a port with an areal density of 20 ton/m2 enabling us to do all offshore job. Our port is particularly designed for loading bulky items and is very suitable to anchor large-weighted ship due to the dock’s depth reaching as low as 8 meters at low-tides. Our port fully complies the standard of International Code For The Security Of Ships And Port Facilities (ISPS CODE)


The Balloon-Docking System we use are able to dock Tugboats, Barges (Up-To 365ft), and Tankers (5000T DWT).


Ships that are of larger sizes (Offshores and Large Tank-ers) are docked in our dry-dock with dimensions as follows:

Dock I: 165m (Length) x 35m (Width) x 9m (Depth)

Dock II: 110m (Length) x 28m (Width) x 8m (Depth)



PT. Citra Shipyard has the largest bollard pull test with a capacity reaching 400 ton. Our Bollard pull positions are very suitable for all kinds of Bollard Pull on the ship to get the best result because the current is not strong and the depth of the sea at a distance of 200 meters Bollard is above 15 meters, even more than 20 meters at a distance of 300 meters.


In addition to shipbuilding purpose, we also provide plate cutting services with the autoblasting machine.

Model: Autoblast /Steel -steel/Pre-Treatment Line Type : JPG-2.5
Brand : Wuxi – China
Function: Blasting & Painting automatically, 1 plat in 11 minutes


In addition to shipbuilding purpose, we also provide plate cutting services with the cnc cutting machine.

Model : Power 3700 with – hypertherm Max – 200 Mechanized system c/w 100ft Machine Torch, 3 Oxy Flame Torch, 1 Zinc Powder Marking Torch and Plasma torch station with plasma height sensor



In addition to shipbuilding purpose, we also provide plate cutting services with the dry cutting.


Total Unit : 2 Units
Capacity : @ 20Ton + 20Ton and @ 50Ton + 50Ton Lenght : @ 400 Meter, Wide : @ 40 Meter
Hight : @ 28 Meter
The capacity of Gantry Crane has build of Vessel up to 100.000 DWT


A crawler crane has its boom mounted on an under- carriage fitted with a set of crawler tracks that provide both stability and mobility. Crawler cranes range in lifting capacity from about 40 to 3,500 short tons (35.7 to 3,125.0 long tons; 36.3 to 3,175.1 t).


Citra Shipyard owns several lathe machines. We have in total 13 lathe machines. The function of lathe machines is to work on mechanical works especially for a new building and repair projects in Shipyard.


Citra Shipyard owns five units Fabrication Workshop, and in each unit is equipped with Overhead Crane. WORKSHOP CERTIFICATE (BKI) No : LAS.3.1016.037.